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Time For Some Adrenaline Rush WIth Skydiving In Mysore

Hello readers, this is Aarushi Singhania and I am a housewife by choice. I love going on holidays with my husband and kids and travel has always been a passionate pastime. This time around, we decided to visit the iconic city of Mysore, in Karnataka. The city, besides its modern outlook, has a  great heritage and it was a great experience.

The plan included a few must-visit tourist spots such as: the zoo, the palace, the temples, and the museums. One thing that stood out with this trip was an adventure of a lifetime – Skydiving In Mysore.

Skydiving In Mysore

Skydiving In Mysore | Image Resource :

The Activity Of Skydiving In Mysore Is In Great Demand

Skydiving is an adventure sport in its truest sense. Without discouraging the beginners, what I learnt from this experience was that one should be ready and  strong enough to handle a fall from 10,000 ft above, on the sky with a parachute strapped onto the back.

Experience The Bird’s View Of The Ground, By Skydiving In Mysore

Mysore is close to the city of Bangalore, around 139 kilometres from the city. The preferred spot for skydiving in Mysore is at Chamundi Hills. Numerous skydiving camps, impart necessary skills and the required procedure for skydiving.

Skydiving at Chamundi Hills

Skydiving at Chamundi Hills | Image Resource :

There are two kinds of skydiving – Sky diving Tandem Jump and The Accelerated Freefall. In the former, the person jumps along with the instructor and therefore it is the one  for the  beginners. Whereas the latter is best for intermediates. Due to the high level of danger involved and  necessary precautions and care given by the instructors, this experience comes with a rather hefty price tag.

Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall | Image Resource :

I preferred the Sky diving tandem jump, and I must agree that the world never looked any better. I felt very light and experienced an overwhelming emotional moment – high up in the air. Skydiving was immensely helpful in aiding me battle the  acrophobia in me. Finally, I would suggest everybody to experience this at least once in their lifetime, and I promise that he/she wouldn’t have the slightest regret out of it.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving | Image Resource :


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