Favorite Dessert of Karnataka – Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak

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Mysore Pak is one of my favorite desserts from Karnataka. There are two types, a dry version which is like cookie crumble and a softer version made from ghee. People also make it using carrots as the base ingredient; however it is not sold very commonly and is delicious all the same.

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Wish you a very Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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The adventurous and motivating year of 2015 has come to an end and let us all welcome the new year 2016 with open arms. I pray that the new year brings color to your life and all your wish and desires gets fulfilled. I also hope that I can squeeze time out from my schedule to explore destination in the new year too.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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The best thing I like about Christmas is the carols sung by the little kids in the churches and schools. The beautiful songs are sung with so much spirit that they warm even the most depressed souls and spread joy. The Santa’s in the stores are also a lovely sight to see and kids love them.

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Time For Some Adrenaline Rush WIth Skydiving In Mysore

Hello readers, this is Aarushi Singhania and I am a housewife by choice. I love going on holidays with my husband and kids and travel has always been a passionate pastime. This time around, we decided to visit the iconic city of Mysore, in Karnataka. The city, besides its modern outlook, has a  great heritage and it was a great experience.

The plan included a few must-visit tourist spots such as: the zoo, the palace, the temples, and the museums. One thing that stood out with this trip was an adventure of a lifetime – Skydiving In Mysore.

Skydiving In Mysore

Skydiving In Mysore | Image Resource :

The Activity Of Skydiving In Mysore Is In Great Demand

Skydiving is an adventure sport in its truest sense. Without discouraging the beginners, what I learnt from this experience was that one should be ready and  strong enough to handle a fall from 10,000 ft above, on the sky with a parachute strapped onto the back.

Experience The Bird’s View Of The Ground, By Skydiving In Mysore

Mysore is close to the city of Bangalore, around 139 kilometres from the city. The preferred spot for skydiving in Mysore is at Chamundi Hills. Numerous skydiving camps, impart necessary skills and the required procedure for skydiving.

Skydiving at Chamundi Hills

Skydiving at Chamundi Hills | Image Resource :

There are two kinds of skydiving – Sky diving Tandem Jump and The Accelerated Freefall. In the former, the person jumps along with the instructor and therefore it is the one  for the  beginners. Whereas the latter is best for intermediates. Due to the high level of danger involved and  necessary precautions and care given by the instructors, this experience comes with a rather hefty price tag.

Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall | Image Resource :

I preferred the Sky diving tandem jump, and I must agree that the world never looked any better. I felt very light and experienced an overwhelming emotional moment – high up in the air. Skydiving was immensely helpful in aiding me battle the  acrophobia in me. Finally, I would suggest everybody to experience this at least once in their lifetime, and I promise that he/she wouldn’t have the slightest regret out of it.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving | Image Resource :


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Money Management Tips For Stay At Home Moms

The expenses are always high and the money we earn appears to be just nothing in front of it. Things get tougher if you have just one bread earner in the family. Very often women who stay back at home do not realise how they can contribute to the expenses of a household. Here are some wise tips and suggestions for all work from home moms. I hope they prove helpful and women are able to manage their households in this post recession era.

Freelancing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Freelancing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms | Image Resource :

Manage Expenses
It is vital that you know the amount of money that is being spent by you. You may choose to use some application or you may even use an excel sheet to maintain a record of your expenses. This helps you to be more cautious while spending. You will be aware of each transaction and you will know the places where you may cut down on some expenses.

Save Some Amount
Maintain a goal that you will save a certain percentage of the family income. You may invest this amount in property or some scheme where you get rate of interest on the invested amount after a period of time. You may also encourage your child to save his or her money in a piggy bank. The money saved always proves useful when you are in some kind of crisis.

Earn From Home
Many women leave their jobs when they have kids. They need to know that there are ample options where you can work from home at your convenience. You may select any of these options and earn while you still do all the household activities efficiently. Look for freelancing options or work from home jobs and you can earn a lot of money while not affecting the routine in anyway.

These are just a couple of examples that women at home may find useful. You can also cut down on expenses when you go shopping by opting to use gift vouchers or discount coupons. You must be alert and cautious to be able to cut down on expenses.

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Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka- Known for Its Wide Range of Animals and Birds

From the Wonderla Amusement Park, we headed towards our final destination which was the Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka. We were a bit sad that we were nearing the end of such a beautiful journey. However, I still had enough excitement in me as I have always been a big fan of anything associated with nature. The National Park is located on the outskirts of the city and was established in the year 1971.

We had to cover a distance of around 22km to reach the park from the main city. It earned the status of a national park in the year 1874. Some part of the park was converted to a biological reserve in 2002.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park | Image Resource :

It is regarded to be one of the most famous tourist destinations of Bangalore. The entire area is divided into different sections such as a snake house, a safari park, an aquarium, a butterfly enclosure, an animal rescue centre, a biological reserve, etc. We also came across various temples which have been in existence for ages.

I also learnt that the park serves as one of the ideal sites for trekking. The responsibility of the management and administration of the park is jointly handled by ATREE (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore and Zoo Authority of Karnataka.

Varoius Animals and Birds at Bannerghatta National Park

Varoius Animals and Birds at Bannerghatta National Park | Image Resource :

The park is so big that it also houses six villages in areas devoted for cattle and sheep farming. We were simply amazed with the ability of the park to house such a large range of animals and birds. We also tried our hands at the lion and tiger safari and it was a memorable experience. It is made up of ten huge forest reserves located on the Anekal Range.

We also walked along the Suvarnamukhi stream which starts from the Suvarnamukhi Hill and flows through the park’s heart. One of the members told us that there is the Suvarnamukhi pond nearby which has miraculous healing powers. The zoo had a collection of various wild animals like bison, bears, Bengal tigers, lions, porcupines, spotted deer’s, panthers, rhinos, leopards, zebras, elephants etc.

Suvarnamukhi Hill

Suvarnamukhi Hill | Image Resource :

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Destination Of The Week : Clarks Exotica Hotel Bangalore

Clarks Exotica Hotel Bangalore

Clarks Exotica Hotel Bangalore

Clarks Exotica Hotel Bangalore – My husband and I had to travel to Bangalore to visit our relatives and we stayed at the Clarks Exotica Hotel in the city. We were welcomed by the friendly manager and given a handout about the important places in the city. We were also able to book a taxi from the hotel for visiting the tourist destinations and later for heading to the airport.

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