Leonia Resort Hyderabad- A Resort For Weaving Precious Memories!

22 Feb

Aarushi Singhaniya is back with another small write-up for all of you , my dear readers! It is your appreciation which motivates me to write blogs and share my experiences. It has been quite a while that my family has been living in Hyderabad, and I love being here. The moderate climate, mixed community gathering, warm people, and cordial culture are few things I love about this city.

I, my husband and my two kids love the city and have been to various places such as Nehru Zoological Park, Birla Mandir, Salar Jung Museum, Hussain Sagar, Golkonda, Charminar and many more. However, all these were just one day trips and my kids and I wanted to spend our weekend at a special place. My husband was generous and booked our weekend at Hyderabad’s lavish destination- Leonia Resort Hyderabad.

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Leonia Resort Hyderabad: Luxury in the Pearl City!

It is one of the luxury resorts of the Pearl City and all of us were excited to spend our weekend here. Our day began with a long drive to the resort as it is located at the city outskirts. The hotel offered rooms of different styles such as executive suite, Leo biz classic, bay window rooms, lagoon bay and lots more. My husband chose Cascade Suite for all four of us.

Leonia Resort Hyderabad

Leonia Resort Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Leonia Resort Room

Leonia Resort Room | Image Resource :

The hotel was quite big and my kids started enjoying their holiday as we reached. The design of the entire place was done in a modern style, and every corner of the restaurant was beautiful.

My kids were hungry, so just after refreshing ourselves we went to Leo Dine, an in-house restaurant of the resort. The restaurant had many top chefs from the country and we were served some European delicacies on the first day. I thanked my husband for a great start to the weekend.

Leo Dine, an in-house restaurant

Leo Dine, an in-house restaurant | Image Resource :

The resort is mainly popular for its entertainment options for the visitors. There are lots of big events held here, and we enjoyed our evening watching the high profile shows. The Leonia Resort Hyderabad even offers amusement activities, and we planned our next two days for it. If you are in Hyderabad for a vacation, do spend at least one day at the resort and I promise you will have a great time.

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