What A Memorable Experience With My Kids At Adventure n Coorg!

20 Jan

Coorg is one of the beautiful locations situated in Western Ghats of Karnataka. I, Aarushi Singhaniya, a nature lover who loves to travel anywhere is here with some charming reminiscences! Being attached so closely with my children, I do not wish to leave them at home, when I am enjoying out somewhere in the woods or any destination for that matter. My kids are my life, and I cannot spend any happy moments without them. Here I am to share my recent trip in Coorg where I have been to with my kids – time of adventure indeed.

Western Ghats of Karnataka

Western Ghats of Karnataka | Image Resource :

Well, it was a sudden plan made by my husband and his friends. Initially it was a family trip, later it turned out to be an adventurous one. Coorg was a heaven for me! I actually was bored of Hyderabad, and wanted to discover natural paradise. The first day spent at Coorg was lovely; I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing amidst the cool lush greenery. However, we planned our next few days for adventure to educate our kids and make them enjoy something thrilling.


Coorg | Image Resource :

Camping and trekking- best experience!

Trekking, camping and wildlife were on our things to do in Coorg list. I was keen of the safety, as there were five kids with us (two mine, and three friend’s). We started with trekking; there are many places in Coorg which are ideal for trekking.

Trekking in Coorg

Trekking in Coorg | Image Resource :

We chose one day trekking as we had children with us. While we were browsing for trekking, we found many options. One was trekking in South Coorg, which charged only 3000 INR and took us for a long walk in the green valleys. Other was a trek to highest peak in Kakkabbe, and it charged 11000 INR which was expensive for us keeping in mind the kid’s factor.

Our next goal was camping. We came across two options which charged 1500 and 1750 INR respectively. We chose the second one which was at Srimangala. It was a complete one day and one night camping which included meals, camping, bonfire, and few sports. My kids enjoyed the new experience.

Camping at Srimangala Coorg

Camping at Srimangala Coorg | Image Resource :

Close to wildlife

Lastly, we fixed our day for wildlife safari. It was in Rajiv Gandhi National Park, what a marvellous place! All of us had a great time amidst the jungle area with different species of animals and birds all around. I would never forget my trip in Coorg, getting close to nature was a great decision. I recommend all my fellow readers to experience these things when in Coorg. Do share your experiences too!

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