My Train Travel from Secunderabad Junction to Yeshwantpur Railway Station Bangalore

11 Sep

If you think that the role of a housewife is easy and can be easily accomplished, then you are wrong. With the passage of time, I have mastered the art of a housewife and now live happily as a homemaker along with two extremely active kids.

I am lucky enough to have a contended and peaceful family with an extremely loving husband. I also love to keep my family members happy with my cooking skills and don’t mind trying out new dishes all the time. Whenever I get bored from the hectic schedule, I love to go out on family trips to different parts of the country. While planning such trips, I make sure that there are enough spots where my kids can have fun.

It was probably in the month of March this year that we had planned a trip to Bangalore which is considered to be one of the top metropolitan cities of the country. My kids had their summer vacations and I was getting bored day by day; thus we decided to utilize the time in the best possible manner.

I checked out the wide range of Karnataka flight hotel offers available online but then decided to travel by train. This is due to the fact that we wanted to experience the joy of viewing the different types of landscapes unfurling out of the window.

After a lot of arguments, we chose to travel via the YPR Garib Rath Express as it is not only budget-friendly but comfortable as well. We knew that it was going to be a long journey and this decided to pack a few story books and all other necessary time to spend our time.

ypr garib rath express

YPR Garib Rath Express | Image Resource :

We boarded the YPR Garib Rath from Secunderabad Junction at around 7:30 PM on 2nd March and immediately settled down on our respective berths.

We had our dinner and fell asleep after a while. We spent a large portion of the next day spending chatting about various activities of our lives. We landed at the Yeshwantpur Railway Station Bangalore at around 11:15 AM on the third day. From the station, we headed straight towards our hotel which we had booked while checking the Karnataka flight hotel offers.

yeshwantpur railway station bangalore

Yeshwantpur Railway Station Bangalore | Image Resource :

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