Cooking quick and better

07 Sep

Cooking becomes a tedious task for working mothers, especially when there is a big family to look after. Never mind we all mange it some or other way after all Indian women are bought up training them on all aspects of daily life from chores to housekeeping. Here are few tips for swift cooking some of which I have learnt and while some have discovered from my experience.

Weekend Preparation: If you’re a working lady then it’s good to decide your weekday menu and keep the basic vegetables, grains ready. This will save your time on weekdays after a tiring day specially.

Storing Bulk Groceries:  All you can do is make packs of grains, lentils, rice and freeze them. You can also put them in air tight containers with those natural food protection tablets / powders available. Remember washing food well prior usage.

Paste ready: Tomato puree, ginger, garlic, onion these few things we use daily in our cooking. So it’s good to make a paste of each separately for a week and refrigerate it.

Tips for Better Cooking

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Food Cubes: If you are worried ginger / garlic will give a foul smell, no worries add little olive oil to the paste and refrigerate it into ice cubes.

Handling Left overs: There are times certain items like wine / fresh cream are used in small quantities. The remaining you can store by forming ice cubes of them and use it when you need. Keep it away from heat and water.

Poultry Handling: You’re a meat /fish stocker no worries wash your poultry very well drain the water and marinade them. Then pack into a reusable plastic and freeze.

Butter Sort Cut: Need melted butter or a room temperature level, all you can do is microwave it or use a cheese grater and enjoy the normal butter.

Hassel Free Chapatti: Knead your flour with milk add little carom seeds and salt. Then make roti’s in little ghee and freeze them by wrapping them with a plastic food wrap. The roti’s last for 30days.

These are few tips to make your cooking experience swift and enjoyable do let me know your feedback and queries.

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