Alice Garg National Seashells Museum – Discover the Treasures Of the Under Waters

04 Sep

My trip to Jaipur was so far a very knowledgeable, soothing and fulfilling experience. Be it the palaces or the majestic forts or the mesmerizing natural heritage of this region each and every place was worth spending some time. Now since it was time for me to pack my bags and return home, I wanted to visit one last tourist attraction that is the Alice Garg National Seashells Museum.

The life underwater has always drawn my interest. This museum is particularly concerned with the concealed treasures of seashell which makes it different from all other museums. As we all know the importance of mollusks in maintaining the biodiversity of the sea. These mollusks can be scientifically divided into seven classes. The seashells are nothing but the hard calcareous covering that is built around these soft bodied creatures.

Alice Garg National Seashells Museum

Alice Garg National Seashells Museum Jaipur | Image Resource :

There are innumerable varieties of seashells ranging from different shapes, sizes and colors that are housed in the Alice Garg National Seashells Museum. Due to indiscriminate fishing practices and water pollution only about fifty thousand varieties of seashells are estimated to be existent today. The shapes, sizes and colors of these shells depend upon the depth, turbulence and temperature of water. However the most colorful can be noted in warm shallow waters.

Alice Garg Museum located in Jaipur houses more than three thousand seashell variety. This tourist attraction offers a unique dimension to North India tourism, Rajasthan Tourism as well as the Golden triangle tourism by attracting both national as well as international tourists. The exquisite varieties of sea shells have been collected meticulously from all parts of the globe. The shell craft put on display is awe – inspiring feature of this museum.

The Alice Garg museum holds the pride of being the foremost and one of a kind seashell museum in India, Apart from being a tourist attraction it is also an ideal place for beginners who have interest in Concho – logy, Malacology and for those who wish to learn the science of shells and mollusks. The museum is being considered to be converted into a marine science museum in near future.

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