Albert Hall Museum – The State Museum of Rajasthan

30 Jul

Albert Hall is by far the oldest and largest art museum in all of Rajasthan. It is the pride of Jaipur and preserves the thousands of years of artistic marvels of the region. Jaipur and for that matter the entire state of Rajasthan has been well known for its art heritage.

During all eras, whether it is pre-medieval, Mughal or British era, art and architecture have always flourished and gained in Jaipur. The people of Jaipur greatly appreciate good art work and originality; they are also extremely tolerant about art forms from different parts of the country and these have been given their due place at the Albert Hall Museum.

When the Albert Hall Museum was first considered by the Raja Ram Singh of Jaipur it was decided that it would be a town hall for the provincial administration but later under the auspices of Raja Madho Singh II it was decided that the Albert Hall would be a fully dedicated Art Museum which was missing in the state of Rajasthan even though it had such a rich tradition in Music, Painting, Sculpting and Dance.

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur | Image Resource :

The Albert Hall today is among the largest collections of Indian Art forms and many precious stones and sculptures made of ivory, silver and studded with gems are also on display. High security is maintained in order to protect these collections which have a much greater heritage value than their actual monetary value which in itself is tremendous to say the least.

The museum is also known for being among the first experiments of Indo- Saracenic Architecture and the architect Sir Samuel Jacob won acclaim around the world for the design of the Albert Hall Art Museum in Jaipur. Many art lovers believe that the museum itself is an important artefact which needs to be preserved well.

The Ram Niwas Garden was selected as the site for the construction of the Albert Hall Museum and the foundation stones were laid on 2nd February, 1876 in the presence of the Prince of Wales Albert Edward who later became King Edward VII. My trip with my children to the Albert hall was extremely successful as it became a fun and learning experience for all of us.

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