Central Park Jaipur – Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul

20 Jul

A good lush green park simply soothes the mind and the soul. Parks are not only essential for a city rather they are indispensible. Especially in mega cities like Jaipur and my own city Hyderabad, parks play a crucial role. They not only reduce pollution, they provide a recluse from the crowded streets of the city.

A few long breaths in the fresh air at the Central Park Jaipur will certainly rejuvenate you. It is one of the most beautiful features of Jaipur city and as its name suggests is centrally located in the city. The locals of Jaipur come in huge numbers in the morning and evening for a long walk or jog to the Central Park.

Central Park Jaipur

Central Park Jaipur | Image Resource :

The Central Park is also known for the tallest and largest national flag of the country. It was the first national flag which hoists for 24 hours a day and during the night is lighted as demanded by the constitution. Under the high intensity lights the Tricolour looks even more beautiful. The flag post at the Central Park Jaipur is 206 ft tall. The flag itself is the largest flag hoisted in the country and is 72 feet long and 28 feet wide. This national flag has become not only the identity of the Central Park but also of Jaipur.

The Central Park is also surrounded by two beautiful green fields. One of these is Rambagh Polo Ground where both national and international level matches of professional Polo are held. The other is a beautiful Golf Course and allows tourists to enjoy a lazy day under the shade of the trees and close to the lagoons of water. A visit to the Central Park Jaipur would not be complete without a short trip to both these iconic sites.

Another not to be missed activity at the Central Park Jaipur is bird watching. Many professional researchers in Jaipur also visit the Central Park in order to look for many native and migratory species of birds which come to Jaipur each year. The Central Park because of its lush green fields, cool and secluded surroundings is the perfect resting place for these birds. The sight of birds in their natural habitat was truly a feast for a nature lover like me.

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