Kids Travel Pack

13 Jul

Its holiday time, and travelling is most common part of my life. When travelling with kids packing bags and keeping a note of all their needs is extremely important. Here, are simple tips to help you for preparing your travel pack hope they make your life simpler

Firstly, make a packing list – clothes, cosmetics, comforts, emergency kit. Then start collecting all the valuables one by one.


  • As its summer time, it will be good to pack in light clothes for kids which keep them cool. You can of course take full-sleeves but ensure light cotton clothes.
  • Usually, I make my kids wear pyjamas while travelling its most comfortable. The colours chosen are earthy so there is no fear of clothes getting dirty soon.
  • For a weekend, carry 4 sets of pyjamas and t-shirts. With 8 inners as often kids wet their pants.
  • Also, I keep in 3 pieces than those bulky sweaters and pull overs.
  • Three pieces give an advantage if any one dirty you need not worry just remove it.
  • 2 sets of towel, handkerchiefs, 4 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of shoes.  The footwear depends on occasion as well.
    Always keep a jacket, cap handy in case your kid feels cold etc.


  • Baby cream – I prefer the entire Johnson Baby pack it has everything from a comb to diaper, powder, soap, shampoo, body cream.
  • An antiseptic, hand wash and tissue wipes.
  • Basic medical syrups for cold and flu as well any medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Baby diapers 5, zip locks, washing soap.
  • Please cross check the expiry date of each thing.
Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids | Image Resource :


  • Baby tram.
  • Walking carrier.
  • Their special blanket, bottle or towel they like.
  • Baby travel toys and musical stuff which they enjoy.

Emergency Kit

  • A pair of extra clothing and shoes.
  • Poly bags and short mats.
  • Also keep your child’s doctors number handy, a clinic near your vacation spot its address as well a first-aid.
  • It may seem so much, but at an end of day a mother still finds it little when it comes to providing safety, care, and comfort of her children.
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