Barbotey Rock Cut Garden : Main attraction of Darjeeling

02 Jul

After the visit to the Neora National Park, I visit another place of wonder in Darjeeling which is known as the Barbotey Rock gardens. The Rock Gardens are located some 10 km far from Darjeeling. As soon as you enter the Rock Garden you know that you are in for nature’s treat. The way to the rock gardens is very entertaining. The downhill road is narrow and sharp and the gradient is very steep. The view of the Darjeeling’s landscape and the mountain peaks in the background is unparallel.

Barbotey Rock Cut Garden

Barbotey Rock Cut Garden | Image Resource :

There are many eateries present near the Rock gardens selling amazing street food for the tourists. As you travel through the gardens you will come to know why this place is known as Rock Gardens it is because the entire area has been made by cutting the rocks and seating arrangements have been made by rocks at various levels of the Gardens. The main attraction of the Rock Gardens is the beautiful waterfalls which come all the way from top of the rocks to down below. There are stairs in the gardens which needs to be climbed to see the where this waterfall enters the garden.

The Rock gardens of Darjeeling was created by the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council. The main rationale was to create and extra tourist spot outside the town so that this area can also prosper economically by the influx of the tourists. This Rock garden was very relaxing and the street food available was also very delicious. The view of the waterfalls and the surrounding Himalayan peaks were awe inspiring. I had clicked some beautiful pictures of the entire park area and the beautiful Rock gardens which I will surely cherish all my life.

Barbotey Rock Garden Darjeeling

Barbotey Rock Garden Darjeeling | Image Resource :

The place should be visited by everyone who comes to a packaged trip to Darjeeling. The place is not too far from the main town of Darjeeling and is easily accessible from the main parts of the town by buses and taxis.

My trip to Darjeeling was coming to an end so I decided to visit one last place which was the Bhutia Busty Gompa Monastery of Darjeeling.

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