Neora Valley National Park: Richest Biological Zone in the Country

29 Jun

After the fun filled Joy Ride in the Himalayan Darjeeling train the next place which I went to visit was the Neora national park of Darjeeling. It is situated in the Kalimpong division and is regarded as one of the richest biological zones in the entire North Eastern side of India. The park is a very famous wilderness zone and its rich diver flora and fauna along with undisturbed natural habitat is a place worth visiting. The forest inside this valley is so amazingly dense that sunlight hardly touches the ground.

The most part of this park is inaccessible making it an adventurous location for all the lovers of nature and the trekkers who like to explore the unexplored terrains. The landscape of the park is very picturesque with the meandering rivers and lush green valley, the streams with snow capped mountains in the background makes this national park a beautiful place to visit. The highest part of the neora Valley borders Sikkim and Bhutan. There is also a Neora River which is a major source of river for the town people.

Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park | Image Resource :

The Neora Valley National park is home to the Red pandas which is a very beautiful reddish brown animal having a rigged tail. The animal is considered to be an endangered species all over the world. There have been various instances of spotting the Royal Bengal Tigers also in the National Park. According to a latest census the Park has some 19 tigers along with other animals like Indian gaur, Himalayan Black bear, leopards and Deers. The valley has been richly bestowed with dense flora and fauna. There is also a medley of butterflies providing a feast to the eyes with their splendour and beauty.

The place is worth a visit for anyone who travels to Darjeeling from anywhere. There are very few national parks like these rich and diverse in flora and fauna. The park can be easily reached from the different parts of Darjeeling and Siliguri. The visit was an experience of a lifetime for me.

After the visit to National park, the next place which I visited was Barbotey Rock Gardens of Darjeeling.

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