Happy Valley Tea Estate: The Tea Plantations in Darjeeling

15 Jun

After the trip to the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga it was now turn to visit the prominent attraction of the Darjeeling area known as Happy Valley Tea Estate. The tea estate one of the oldest in Darjeeling was established in the year 1854. It spreads to an area of about 437 acres and is also located at an altitude of 6800 feet and hence regarded as the highest tea factory of the world. The Tea Gardens are located in Pamphawati Gurungni Road of Darjeeling.

Just about 3 kilometres from the Darjeeling area every tourist who visits Darjeeling also happily visits the Happy valley tea Estate. The plantations of this tea estate are as old as 150 years. The wide and long lush green bushes of tea plantations are worth every photograph. The place has a panoramic charm to it. I visited a tea plantation of such a huge size for the first time and it was amazing to see the procedure if tea plucking, procession and packaging of tea from front. The lovers of tea can surely buy some fresh Darjeeling tea from here for their friends and families. It is the best gift one can take for their loved ones from this place.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

Happy Valley Tea Estate | Image Resource :

If you want to take a route to the entire tea garden estate, then there are guides which will help you at every course. The guides can provide you with all the details about the types of tea and their entire processes. The guides are usually employees at Tea estate and after taking a nominal fee they give you a firsthand tour of the entire tea estate. If you want to sip some range of the flavours available and the aromatic tea, there is a Happy Gold Cafe at the nearby place where you can relax and enjoy the hot and cold beverages.

The entry fee to this Tea Estate is free and the timings of this estate is 8 AM to 4 PM. The place is surely a must visit in Darjeeling for all the tourists.

After the trip to Happy Valley Tea Estate, the next place which I visited was the Neora Valley National Park of Darjeeling.

Tea Plucker at Happy Valley Tea Estate

Tea Plucker at Happy Valley Tea Estate | Image Resource :

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