Kanchenjunga: Five Treasures of Snow

11 Jun

After the trip to the observatory hill, the next place which I visited was the Kanchenjunga Mountain base. The Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain range in the world. It stands at an altitude of 8586 metres above the sea level. The word Kanchenjunga literally translates to the Five Treasures of Snow. The mountains of Kanchenjunga re comprised of the give peaks and they are said to be symbolizing the five main deposits of God i.e. Silver, Gold, Grain, Stones and Books.

The indigenous faith of Limbu language is known as Sewalungma which can be interpreted as the Mountain which we offer our greeting to. The mountain even though it appears serene and calm but they are in reality rocky and hit by ice avalanches from time to time of various sizes and often they are found thundering down the steep slopes of the mountains. There are also the deadliest of hurricanes which rocks the area.

Kanchenjunga Darjeeling

Kanchenjunga Darjeeling | Image Resource :

Trekking is the most adventurous activity which can be done at Mount Kanchenjunga and if you are a lover of trekking then this place certainly should be visited by you. Trekking at Kanchenjunga is definitely a experience of the lifetime. There long and untracked valleys along with the snow leopards of Himalayas which will definitely fascinate you. Though I didn’t do much of the trekking but still I went to the base of Mount Kanchenjunga which is now a very popular tourist spot of the area. If you want to engage in trekking then there are many camps which organises them.

The temperature at the base was very cold and the mighty mountain in front of your eyes was a view of the lifetime. I captured some very amazing snaps of the mountain. This was the best moment of my trio so far standing so close to the third highest mountain peak in the world. It should be visited by all the hike and trekking lovers of the world.

After the amazing trip to Kanchenjunga mountain base, the next place which I had visited was the world famous Happy Valley tea Estate of Darjeeling.

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