Observatory Hill: A view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks

05 Jun

After the spectacular visit to Tiger Hill, the next place which I desired to visit was the Observatory Hill. The observatory hill is another prominent attraction in Darjeeling and a very famous tourist spot.

The Hill is located near the Chowrasta Square or The Mall as it is very commonly known in Darjeeling. The Observatory hill gives a perfect view of Mount Kanchenjunga and of the other snow clad mountain peaks which are clearly visible. The famous Bhutia Busty Monastery also used to be situated on the Observatory Hill before it was relocated to a different place.

The Hill also has a temple of Mahakal which is revered here by all the local population. The Bhutia monastery one of the oldest in Darjeeling was first situated on Observatory Hill and the name of Darjeling used to emerge from there only when the monks referred to this place as Dorje-ling., meaning the land of thunderbolt. The monastery was then sacked by the Gorkha regiment in the year 1815 but later on it was reinstated in the year 1861.

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill | Image Resource :

Another prominent attraction on the Observatory Hilltop is the temple of Mahakal. Inside the temple there is also a cave which is sacred to the worshippers. The place where this Mahakal temple stands once was used to be a Buddhist monastery, and still revered by the Bhutiyas. There were also many monkeys who were running here and there at the Observatory Hill. The prominent tourists centres around the observatory hill are the Chowrasta and The Mall. While I was standing in the Mall to capture a glimpse of Kanchenjunga, I remembered the ‘Kachenjunga’ film of iconic director Satyajit Ray whose film characters used to wait here for several hours to view the hill peak when mist is cleared.

Overall it is a very nice place to visit. The local eateries and food shops also serve nice street food. The view of Kanchenjunga when the mist clears is perfect to capture in your cameras. The place was totally loved by me.

The next place which I visited after the trip to Observatory Hill was Kanchenjunga Mountain.

Mahakal Temple

Mahakal Temple | Image Resource :

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