Tiger Hill: Perfect Place to watch Sunrise

29 May

After checking in at my hotel and having a good sleep for few hours I was ready to start my travel experience. The first place which I wanted to visit and that too early in the morning was Tiger Hill. I was told that watching sunrise from the iconic Tiger Hill is a lifetime experience. I woke up at 4 AM for this purpose and left for Tiger Hill after booking a taxi through the hotel. Tiger Hill is situated at an altitude of about 2600 m above sea level.

It is a very popular spot for watching the sunrise and the Mount Kanchenjunga. As i was travelling to the Tiger Hill the sky was getting changed in colour from dark to orange and to pink every minute as the time passed. The ultimate moment I wanted to see from my eyes when sum rose and kissed the mountains. As we reached the peak, I saw there were already hundreds of tourists who have come to witness this amazing moment. All the parking slots near the peak were already taken.

Tiger Hill Darjeeling

Tiger Hill Darjeeling | Image Resource :

The summit of Tiger Hill was fully packed as if any cricket match was taking place. Anyways I got some place from the crowd and also took out my camera to capture the amazing moment. The people were all anxiously waiting for the sun to come out from the back of the mountain. The horizon finally changed its colour and sun originated out from the mountains like a yolk. All this happened within a span of 10 minutes but the wait seemed to be eternal.

The sight of sunrise was nothing but a pure delight, a treat for the eyes. Waking up so early in the day to watch the sunrise was all worth suddenly the cold winds that was hitting your face got warmth by the light of the sun. Even Mount Kanchenjunga changed its colour after the sunrise. Tiger Hill is the perfect place to capture the glimpse of this historic Himalayan peak.

After this amazing trip to Tiger hill, the next place which I visited was the Observatory Hill.

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