My Travel from Secunderabad to Darjeeling

19 May

Hello all. This is a post which I am writing to share my travel experience with you all. Last month finally I got some days off from my busy schedule so I decided to make the most of it by planning a travel to somewhere in a cool place. There were many places which were there on my mind but I finally decided to visit the Eastern part of India, which I have never visited so far. The place shortlisted by me was Darjeeling. For this purpose I booked tickets in upper class of train which leaves from the Secunderabad Junction.

Secunderabad Junction

Secunderabad Junction | Image Resource :

There are very few trains which leave for East India from Hyderabad. The nearest railway station from Darjeeling is New Jalpaiguri (NPJ). The train in which I booked my ticket was 07249 SC GHY Special train. It is a superfast train which leaves from Secunderabad at 7 AM in the morning and travels through the entire eastern belt to Guwahati. The station of New Jalpaiguri also comes in between the next day at night 11:50 PM. It was going to be a very long journey so I preferred for online hotel & flight Darjeeling deals.

The train coach was very clean and I had food in the train which is offered by IRCTC and also some stuff available in stations like Vijayawada where I had lunch. The train reached New Jalpaiguri on time at around 12 AM in the night and from there since it was midnight I had no option but to hire a taxi straight to Darjeeling. The distance between the two towns is about 70 km and from a taxi it takes only an hour and a half.

SC GHY Special Train

SC GHY Special Train | Image Resource :

The taxi guy was very chirpy and while on the way he told me about many exciting places to travel in Darjeeling. The way to Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri is very good, the highway is in good condition and there were many vehicles on road even though it was late night. I went straight to my hotel from New Jalpaiguri. The hotel was booked by me in advance, it was Sumit Grace Resort and Spa Darjeeling.

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