Parenting Tips – Communication with your Kids

16 May

As a loving wife, devoted mother and a dedicated homemaker, the task that I find completely crucial and challenging is – parenting. Now this is not an issue of one or two individuals, like me. Parenting, is a staggering role play for millions of mothers and fathers around the world.

I am blessed with two amazing kids, who are soon to step in their teens. About them, individually, I can say that both of them are well-mannered, understanding, sweet and cooperative. However, there are days when things do not really work out well.

At such instances, all I do is sit in a corner, take a deep breath and try figuring out things with my lovely kiddos. It takes just a few moments to get everything back on track. See? That’s how it is supposed to be working out.

Looking at the changing trends and the fast-paced world, I feel like contributing my bit. Here are some choice parenting tips for parents across the globe. Some of them I follow religiously.

Parent Child Relationship

Parent Child Relationship | Image Resource :

Be there for them

First and foremost, make yourself available for your kids. Some children are reluctant and do not open up easily. Ensure that you make bed-time, mealtime or even outing time a good reason to show that you are always on the forefront for them.

Speak less, listen more

Now that your kids have started talking to you about every other thing in this world, show them that you really care. Do not neglect them, even if you find your kids are talking everything pointless. Just make sure they do not cross the line.


Communication is the key to good parenting. Even if there is nothing great to talk about, strike a conversation! Just hunt for topics and shoot a couple of questions. You could also talk with them about their favourite music/boyband, sports, food, etcetera. There is literally no dearth of topics!

Praising and encouragement

Last but not the least, praise and encourage your children! Never forget to reward them with golden words like “please” and “thank you”. Even if they help you setting up the dinner table or lend a hand at the dishes, praise them for their kindness.

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