Adalaj Step Well Ahmedabad – The Octagonal Solanki Marvel Used as Water Reservoirs

23 Mar

This was the last day of our trip, one that had been wonderful. With the conclusion of the day, I would be left with nothing more than memories and photographs, which would remind me of the beautiful time spent here with my family. Ahmedabad truly enthralled us like no other. This last sightseeing, Adalaj Step Well Ahmedabad had the potential to be equally beautiful since it was built in an era when architecture was in its prime.

Adalaj Step Well Ahmedabad

Adalaj Step Well Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

There had been a lot of explaining to the kids – what were step wells; why they needed one then and why particularly in this region. But I enjoyed it thoroughly. It taught them so much about the weather, the culture and the history. Situated in this town of Adalaj in Gandhinagar, this monument has been a great attraction for tourists. The structure is five stories high and was in great use then to collect water for all purposes – drinking, washing, and other uses.

There was a very heroic albeit tragic story, which was associated with the well. The region in the 15th century had been under the rule of Rana Veer Singh who belonged to the Vaghela dynasty but he died defending his land from the Muslim ruler, Mahmud Begada. The widow of the king was a beautiful lady and the Muslim ruler proposed to marry her.

Intricate Carving in the Well Structure

Intricate Carving in the Well Structure | Image Resource :

Devastated by the death of her husband, the queen agreed to marry only on one account that Mahmud finishes the construction of the step well. To this the ruler agreed and got the construction of the step well done in record time.  But the queen had other plans in mind. She ensured that the well was constructed and took one last circumambulation of the premise and jumped in the same well to mark a bad death. The pious queen could not have married the killer of her husband.

We listened to the story being told by the guide in rapt attention; the kids were also deeply engrossed in it. Adalaj Step Well Ahmedabad gave us a lot to remember and I am sure that my kids would most definitely retell the story once we were home.

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