Bapuji’s Virtual Residence – Gandhi Ashram Sabarmati at Ahmedabad

09 Mar

I took the guide along with me and started our way to the Sabarmati Ashram. On our way the guide explained the history of Sabarmati Ashram, which was built in the year 1917 on the seventeenth June in Sabarmati. I knew that Gandhiji stayed there between 1917 and 1930. As told by the guide, he started his movement Dandi March from there. This ashram is also called Satyagraha Ashram or Harijan Ashram and situated in the suburb of Sabarmati in Ahmedabad.

Gandhi Ashram Sabarmati

Gandhi Ashram Sabarmati | Image Resource :

It was one of his residences; he spent 12 years here with his wife Kasturba Gandhi. During my visit I saw Gandhiji’s statue and the statue of three monkeys. One was covering his eyes depicting not to see bad things, while another was covering his mouth depicting not to speak anything bad and the last one was covering his ears depicting not to listen to bad words and get influenced by evil. The cottage of Gandhiji is known as “Hridaya Kunj”, which has been converted by the Government of India in to a National Monument.

Hridaya Kunj

Hridaya Kunj | Image Resource :

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram | Image Resource :

The ashram has a museum i.e. Gandhi Smarak Sangralaya. There is also a tertiary school which focused on agriculture, manual labour and literacy. I also saw the spinning wheel with the help of which Gandhiji used to make khadi clothes that became famous all over the world. At first, the ashram was known as Satyagraha ashram. As Gandhiji wanted to do some activities like animal husbandry and farming, which needed a large area, the ashram was relocated on the banks of the River Sabarmati and since that time it has come to know as Sabarmati ashram.

Gandhi Smarak Sangralaya

Gandhi Smarak Sangralaya | Image Resource :

Another site in the Gandhi Ashram Sabarmati at Ahmedabad is the Nandini ashram. It is a place where anyone from India and abroad can be accommodated. Vinoba Kutir is also there which is named after Acharya Vinoba Bhave as he used to stay there. Upasana mandir is a prayer ground that is in open air, where the Gandhiji used to solve the problems of the local people. Magan Niwas is the place where Ashram manager Maganlal Gandhi used to live. I visited the library consisting of 35,000 books depicting Gandhiji’s life, work, freedom movement and teachings and a reading room. I saw a painting gallery, which was amazing too. I was going to book another city through my travel app but later changed my mind to Hyderabad.

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