Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad – A Place to Relax within Your Budget

05 Feb

I had made prior booking at the Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad keeping in mind the proximity to the railway station where we had alighted. It was a 35 minutes run to hotel by cab. Being on the train for nearly 28 hours, kids and I were a little exhausted and just wanted to have a nice hot water bath and get freshen up and ready for the dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. The rooms are so spacious and bright that you do not feel claustrophobic like some hotels, which give you a feeling of being caged. The main thing was it suited my budget and that was what I was looking for; besides, there was free Wi-Fi, where the kids were waiting to play their online games.

Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad

Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

The hotel has a restaurant that has a different menu for each week of the day so it is not boring sampling the same old stuff every day. They also have room service to cater to you in the privacy of your own room. In fact, the day we got there the kids did not want to give up their games and go to the restaurant; hence, we ordered the food in the comforts of our room and ate leisurely.

For the figure and health conscious people, there is a gym, but I avoided it as I wanted to eat and be free from thinking about my weight for the few days that I am holidaying. This was considering the fact that we 3 would be gorging on the sweets and savory items that Gujarat is most famous for, especially khandvi, dal wadas, dabelis, undhiyos, jalebis and fafda, all making my mouth water.

Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad Reception

Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad Reception | Image Resource :

Another good aspect of Hotel Ginger Ahmedabad is its laundry service. You give your clothes at 8.30 in the morning and it is returned the same day in the evening by 7.30. That is very fast considering the chore it is to iron clothes, especially when you are on a holiday. The plus factor of this service is you can travel light as you can wash and wear the same clothes. You need not carry a lot of clothes to last the whole holiday when you know the laundry is taken care of.

Hotel Room

Hotel Room | Image Resource :

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