Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad – Children’s Paradise

29 Jan

A busy metropolis, Ahmedabad is known for some popular tourist spots and cultural experience. As the children wanted to visit the Kankaria Zoo, which is near Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad, this was our first stop of the next day. The journey was barely 30 minutes from our hotel. I had arranged with the front desk for a private taxi to take us there. I made the kids get up early and ordered breakfast in the room itself since we had to leave at 9 am to be early there, as a little later it gets more crowded with tourists.

Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

It is one of the biggest lakes in Ahmedabad built by the then sultan Qutb-uddin Aibak in 1451. There are many spots for tourists, especially children to see and cherish. There is a zoo, a children’s park with many theme attractions. The Kamala Nehru Zoo is the highlight of this place. It was developed by Reuben David, a zoological expert in the year 1951. It was awarded as the best zoo in Asia. It houses many exotic birds, animals, and reptiles.

Kamala Nehru Zoo

Kamala Nehru Zoo | Image Resource :

There is a Kids City at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad, which is spread over 4240 square meters. It has several activity centers inside including banks, fire station, radio station, police station, hospital, ice-cream factory, theatre, etc. My kids seeing this place were just waiting to go inside and explore everything. They did not know where to start. Two trains can carry up to 156 passengers around the lake for sightseeing.

Motorboat at Kankaria Lake

Motorboat at Kankaria Lake | Image Resource :

Besides all this, the food stalls were too tempting to resist a visit for them for some snacks and drinks. The children were asking me as to why we do not have a place like this in Hyderabad where we stay. They sat on most of the water rides and balloon rides that they could sit for their age and I too joined them on a couple of rides enjoying their childhood. This place is open from 9.30 am until 6.30 pm, and soon it was time for us to wind and go to our hotel. Tired yet happy we started back to our hotel leaving our mind to decide the next plan the other day.

Balloon Rides

Balloon Rides | Image Resource :

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