Train Travel from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad by Rajkot Express – Bringing Out the Best

06 Jan

My kids and I needed a much-awaited break; for them it was from studies and for me, my housework. Hence, I planned a getaway to Ahmedabad.  I just did not want to go to any place without first conducting a research of the hotel and the facilities it would offer my kids and me. The train travel from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad by Rajkot Express was decided keeping in mind the different sights the kids would get to see. The train was supposed to depart at 3.00 PM from Secunderabad junction and since it was a nearly 23-hour journey, I did the booking for 3 AC accommodations.

Secunderabad Railway Station

Secunderabad Railway Station | Image Resource :

On reaching the junction at 2.15 PM, we had nearly 45 minutes to settle down and get to the platform and wait near our AC coach. Kids were very excited on embarking on the journey, which they normally do as they enjoy the various sights they get to see and eat various things on the train, which they would normally not get at home. However, we had our lunch, which was light keeping in mind the journey and knowing that there will be more treats on the train when we started on our journey to Ahmedabad. The most interesting part for me was getting to see the four states that the train was passing through, namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Rajkot Express

Rajkot Express | Image Resource :

Food was one thing that the children and I loved and we had to place our order from one of the restaurants that cater to the Rajkot Express. We had ordered the food in advance and once the train reached Solapur junction, we got our pre-packed dinner. For the 3 of us I ordered 2 thalis, one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian dish, which we had to our stomach’s full. On normal days, the kids fuss about their food, but on journeys there is nothing of that sort. It is just plain fun and frolic. Having had our fill, we settled down for the night on our 3 berths, had a fitful sleep, and woke up just in time for freshening up with breakfast of milk and biscuits.

Children were excited to see the various sights of mountains and fields and took turns clicking photos on the cell phone, which I do give them on their vacations. After about 12, it was time for the lunch that was already awaiting us in packed plates at Vadodara station. After the meal, we had a little snooze and then it was time for us to freshen up as the train was nearing our destination. Every individual must take train travel from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad by Rajkot Express at least once. We reached Ahmedabad station exactly at 7.30 PM., caught a taxi, and headed straight away to the hotel where I had done prior booking.

Ahmedabad Railway Station

Ahmedabad Railway Station | Image Resource :

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