Kutumsar Caves Chhattisgarh – An Experience of Lifetime

23 Dec

When we went to view the Chitrakoot waterfalls near Jagdalpur, we went to visit the Kutumsar Caves also. These caves are considered as one of the wonders in India and are located in Kanger Valley National Park, which is about 40 km from Jagdalpur. It took us about one hour to reach the place from Jagdalpur. The cave is open for visit only from September to May. During the other three months it is filled with water and therefore not reachable.  The cave was discovered in 1993. The stalactite and stalagmite formations here are well known and very beautiful. From the entrance of the National park to the cave there is a distance of 10 km, which is an exciting drive through thick forests. The cave is seen only after you reach the entrance of the cave.

Kutumsar Caves Chhattisgarh

Kutumsar Caves Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

To visit the cave you have to pay the entry fee as well as for the guide and the lamp. Without a guide you will be lost in the cave and a lamp is needed as it is very dark in the cave. The board outside the cave held a description of the cave and its various aspects.

To enter the cave we had to go through a narrow opening with a flight of steps. It was pitch dark inside the cave and we lighted the lamps we brought with us. Once we got adjusted to the light in the cave, we could see what was inside the cave. As we moved on, we could see a number of stalactite and stalagmite formations in various shapes and sizes. They were very white and shone in the light of the lamp. It was a fantastic sight that I have never had in my life. So breathtaking was the view that we stood there spell bound, forgetting to walk on.

Kutumsar Caves

Kutumsar Caves | Image Resource :

There were also many rock cuttings in various formations. The guide showed one that looked like the trunk of an elephant, an eye etc. There was also a shivalinga in the cave. At some places the path was a bit slippery and I told my children to be careful. The needle shaped formations also are to be taken care of.

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