Chitrakoot Falls Raipur – One of the Most Spectacular Sights in India

27 Oct

India is famous for its natural beauty and being a monsoon country, there are many waterfalls here that add to its beauty. Some of the waterfalls are so famous that people from different parts of the country come to have a look at them and marvel at their beauty.  Chitrakoot waterfall is one among them, which is located 300 km from the capital of Chhattisgarh, Raipur. There were Volvo buses that operate service to Jagdalpur from Raipur. However, we arranged a cab to take us to the place and started off early in the morning. We reached the place by 10.00 am, hearing the thunderous noise of the water fall from far. As we neared the place, the noise grew louder. It is one of the largest waterfalls in India and is often called the Niagra of India.

We got nearer to the fall and joined many other tourists who were watching the waterfall and taking photographs of it. The waterfall is located in the middle of the Vindhya ranges and falls vertically from a height of 100 ft. It is formed by the River Indravati and is in the shape of a horse shoe. The sight of the water falling down from such a height was spectacular and we took many photographs of the waterfall. We were even drenched with water droplets that sprayed on us.

Chitrakoot Falls Raipur

Chitrakoot Falls Raipur | Image Resource :

The width of the fall varies according to the season. During the summer months, when the water in the river is very less, it narrows and gets divided into seven separate waterfalls. But during the monsoon months the river gets filled with water and touches both the banks. Then it may turn violent and dangerous. It carries a lot of silt at this time and attains a brown muddy color. We stood watching the water fall for a long time seeing the beauty of the fall and the foam created by the fall.

The area surrounding the water fall is very beautiful with thick vegetation and lots of birds. I could see that it made an excellent picnic spot for the visitors. It was one of the weekend destinations for many who lived in Jagdalpur and the adjoining area.

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