Maitri Bagh Bhilai Chhattisgarh Is One of the Finest Parks in Chhattisgarh

12 Aug

Maitri Bagh is a zoo and a park in Bhilai, which was developed by Bhilai Steel plant. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Bhilai from Raipur and we had a cab arranged by the travel desk at the hotel to take us to the place. The zoo is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and the park is open till 7.30 pm. it is open all days of the week, except for Mondays. We reached the park by 4.00 pm and after taking the entry ticket, got inside.

Maitri Bagh Bhilai Chhattisgarh

Maitri Bagh Bhilai Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

Peacock at Maitri Bagh

Peacock at Maitri Bagh | Image Resource :

The meaning of the park is Friendship Garden and it was built as a token of friendship between India and USSR. It was a large park and there were many gardens and lawns in the park that looked well maintained and well kept. We also saw many clay models of animals and human beings. At one place there were two cows facing each other and nearby was an enclosed place with the model of Radha and Krishna. We also saw some models of dolphin. One of lawns here had fencing and was lush green with grass and potted plants. It was also full of small colorful bridges that children loved.

Maitri Bagh Bhilai

Maitri Bagh Bhilai | Image Resource :

There was a tower called Pragati Minar, which we climbed. From the top we had a beautiful view of the zoo and the steel plant. I took many photographs of the park and kept with me. The artificial lake in the park had boating facility and we had boating for 15 minutes.

The zoo was also very exciting with a number of animals and birds. The deer park had a large number of dear in it and my kids loved watching them. The lion in the zoo looked very majestic and it sat there watching us. We also saw a white tiger in the zoo.

Alligators in Maitri Garden

Alligators in Maitri Garden | Image Resource :

Since it was Saturday that we visited the park, we were able to watch the musical fountain, which was placed on an island in the artificial lake. The show was at 7.00 pm. it was a breathtaking sight with the water from the fountain shooting up and down in accordance with the music being played.

Deer at Maitri Bagh

Deer at Maitri Bagh | Image Resource :

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