Raisen Fort Bhopal – The which Speaks a Lot about the Past

25 Jul

When we went to Bhimbetka Caves, we also visited Raisen Fort, which is located on top of a hill. It is on the route from Sanchi to Bhopal and we visited the place on our way back to Bhopal from Sanchi. It was about 20 km from Sanchi. The fort was built in the year 1200 AD and many rulers ruled from here. Till the 16th century it was under the Rajput rulers and then it was taken over by Sher Shah Suri and then by the Nawab of Bhopal.  The fort is now in ruins and as we neared the fort, we saw many other tourists getting into the fort.

The fort is constructed on sandstone rock and I saw that it had large and massive stone walls. There were nine gateways on the wall leading to the interior of the fort. The walls were also surmounted by 13 bastions. Once inside the fort, I could see a large courtyard surrounded by a few palaces, wells, a water reservoir and some temples. There was also a mosque and a school in the fort. The shrine of Hazrat Peer Fatehullah Shah Baba in the fort, who was a famous Muslim Saint here, is visited by people from all religion. People living in the area have great faith in the on the saint and it is believed that if you pray sincerely in the shrine, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Raisen Fort

Raisen Fort Bhopal | Image Resource :

There were bats all around the place and it looked quite spooky for the kids. They enjoyed the ruined fort and the darkness inside. We also came across a large pool in the fort. We learnt from the local people that the palaces were called Rohini Mahal, Badal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and Itradaan Mahal. But they were in ruins and we could not identify them. There was a temple dedicated to Lord Siva, which the locals told us, belonged to the 12th century. It opened for the devotees only once in a year, during the Sivaratri day. The fort, although in ruins, reflected the splendor and glory of the past and we spent 1 to 2 hours here exploring various places.

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