Upper Lake Bhopal – One of the Scenic Places in Bhopal

01 Jul

Bhopal is noted for its natural and artificial lakes and Upper Lake is one of the most important lakes in the city. It is the largest lake here and provides water for 40% of the residents in the city. We went to visit the lake in the evening at about 5.00 pm. There was a lot of people near the lake, enjoying the cool breeze from the lake and watching the boats sailing on the river.

Upper Lake Bhopal

Upper Lake Bhopal | Image Resource :

It was a beautiful lake and the surrounding area was neat and well kept. The lake is believed to have been built by Raja Bhoj to relieve himself from skin disease which no doctors could cure. At one corner of the Lake we could see a huge statue of Raja Bhoj on a pillar. The area of the lake is 31 sq km. To the south of the lake is the Van Vihar National Park and to the north and east are the residential areas. To the west of the lake you can see agricultural fields.

Sunset at Upper Lake Bhopal

Sunset at Upper Lake Bhopal | Image Resource :

Not only does the lake supply water to the residents, but it also has great cultural significance. During the religious festivals the idols of Gods and Goddesses are immersed in the water of the lake and people also take holy dip in the lake. The sailing club at the lake offers the tourists a variety of water sports like canoeing, water skiing, kayaking, rafting, parasailing etc. There are motor boats, paddling boats and speed boats that take you on a round on the lake.

Boat Ride in Upper Lake

Boat Ride in Upper Lake | Image Resource :

There are many fish in the lake and also a large number of ducks. My kids were happy to see the ducks and fed them with eatables. Once you throw anything onto the lake, all of them flock together to eat it. Many other birds were also seen on the lake. We had a boat ride in the lake for about half an hour enjoying the surrounding area and the feel of water spray on our face. We spent a couple of hours at the lake and then had coffee and snacks from a café located on top of a small hill. From here we had a beautiful view of the lake.

Duck swimming in Upper Lake

Duck swimming in Upper Lake | Image Resource :

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