Vallur Kottam Chennai – Remembering a Poet, Philosopher and Saint

04 Jun

Constructed in 1976, this popular monument is dedicated to Thiruvalluvar, a classical poet, philosopher and saint. The Valluvar Kottam Chennai is a popular attraction in the metropolitan city and after the Government Museum, we were at its midst.

Vallur Kottam Chennai

Vallur Kottam Chennai | Image Resource :

The entrance to this memorial is immaculately maintained. The pathway is lined with well-kept bushes and as one walks down the path towards the monument, the feeling of wonder at the magnificent structure cannot be ignored. The monument is constructed in lines of a temple chariot. It is 39 meters in height and is a replica of the temple chariot of Thiruvarur. A life-size statue of Thiruvalluvar is installed in the chariot. Another striking feature of this monument is the inscription of 1330 verses of the 133 chapters of the famous Thirukkural written more than 2000 years ago by Thiruvalluvar, inscribed on the granite walls and pillars in the corridors of the front hall. Built on the reclaimed land, which was earlier a lake, the monument does not have any base. However, it can accommodate more than four thousand people at a time. This auditorium is believed to be the largest in Asia and is supposed to have been constructed with thirty thousand blocks of stone.

Vallur Kottam in Chennai

Vallur Kottam in Chennai | Image Resource :

Art and Crafts at Vallur Kottam Chennai

Art and Crafts Exhibition at Vallur Kottam Chennai | Image Resource :

Vallur Kottam is a place where people from all walks of life and cultural back grounds can come and delve into the poetic excellence of this poet-saint of the state. The pillars of the inside hall are constructed in such a way that it represents a open book where twenty Thirukkurals are written, ten on the left and ten on the right, in this way, 1330 verses of the Thirukkurals are written. A stroll up to the terrace reveals a spectacular view of the surrounding area, where the sculptures of lions on the terrace, looks down on all those who pass by. This monument honors the efforts of Thiruvallur, who was a weaver by profession and lived around the 1st century, and whose work encompasses the moral codes for his followers to live by.

Vallur Kottam

Vallur Kottam | Image Resource :

The Vallur Kottam Chennai reflects the poetic and philosophical heritage of Tamil Nadu, so aptly inscribed and preserved on stone, that a visit to this memorial makes one appreciate the rich heritage and culture of the state. The last but not the least, the site to visit next was the Birla Planetarium and so we marched off with great curiosity and excitement.

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