Guindy National Park Chennai – Small Yet Attractive!

28 May

Reaching Guindy National Park, we came to know that it was one among the smallest of the national parks of the country. The Guindy National Park Chennai has the distinction of being located in the heart of a metropolitan city! This park is also a home to a rare type of vegetation, which is the tropical dry evergreen. Together with all these attributes, this park has a lot to offer to the visitors.

Guindy National Park Chennai Entrance

Guindy National Park Chennai Entrance | Image Resource :

Spread across 207 square kilometers in area in the heart of Chennai city, with one end of the park adjacent to the Raj Bhavan and on the other the Indian Institute of Technology, the park is a classic example of conservation and bio-diversity at its best. Home to more than four hundred black bucks and two thousand spotted deer, jackals, a variety of snakes, tortoises, geckos and hundred species of birds and butterflies, the park is filled with all the creepies and crawlies that go to make it an attractive place for visitors. The park offers the animals that live here a free run of the wide open spaces with the minimum of human interference, as one sixth of the park has been left as open for this purpose. With over three hundred species of plants found in the park, it offers a wealth of information to the botanist.

The zoo, carved out of 22 acres of the park, offers children an excellent view of the plethora of animals that are kept inside the zoo. Another attractive place is the snake park, which is adjacent to the national park. This novel idea serves both as an outlet for education and conservation. The management of the park also has in place conducted nature camps for school children. This is being done with the aim of spreading awareness about conserving the bio-diversity that is prevalent within the park. Besides show casing all the natural wealth that the park has to offer, it is also a favorite family picnic spot, where, as a family, one can enjoy the natural wonders that is around the park.

Dinosaur Statue at Guindy National Park

Dinosaur Statue at Guindy National Park | Image Resource :

The Guindy National Park can be reached from anywhere in Chennai either by bus or train or even by flight for those staying outside of Chennai. It offers an ideal place to unwind from the stresses of city life. The Government Museum Chennai was our next site to visit and so we left the park with a contended heart.


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