VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai – Ranks among the Top Entertainment Parks

17 May

Now this was the place that my kids were waiting for. The amusement park with all the fun activities for the children as well as the adults with entry fees of 200 and 250 rupees respectively. I cannot express how happy and excited my kids were at the time of reaching the VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai. The world of this kingdom was simply breathtaking ad spellbinding. We took the tickets, went inside the park and were thrilled by the ambience. The kids could not decide where to begin from.

VGP Universal Kingdom ChennaiVGP Universal Kingdom Chennai | Image Resource :

After thinking for a time being I took my kids to the electrifying ride of Trampoline and Bouncer. It was a great moment seeing my kids smiling and enjoying. Then the journey kept going with Jumping Frog, Aladdin, Revolving cups and number of other enormous rides, which were like treasures for my children. My husband and I are also the hardcore ride lovers and enjoy trying new rides with utmost joy and sense of contentment. Aero Ship, Break Dance, Roller Coaster, Balloon racer and super jet are some of the exhilarating rides for the family to enjoy together. Flying machine and Jungle car was also some of the exciting rides among all. The kingdom is also a celebrated shooting place for the film stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Sivaji Ganeshan, Padmashree Kamal Hasan, Super Star Rajnikanth and many more who believed this shooting domain to be their lucky charm that make their films blockbusters. During the festive season like New Year and others, live performances are held by some of the best and brilliant choreographers and dance performers. Light music shows, traditional folk dances and folk music are some of the gracious activities followed in the weekends. Debates, music and drama are also the part of these live shows to entertain several guests and visitors.

VGP Universal Kingdom
VGP Universal Kingdom
| Image Resource :

After a hectic but exciting day out in Chennai we were not so tired of travelling. But it was a long time to continue any more for that day. My kids were dying with hunger and we instantly plunge to the food court of the VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai to relish and unwind ourselves with some delighted south Indian culinary. After this I thought it was time enough to return to the hotel and retire for the day.

VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai

VGP Universal Kingdom in Chennai | Image Resource :

VGP Kingdom

VGP Kingdom | Image Resource :


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