Fort St. George Chennai – A Perfect Place to Recall the Early Brave Personalities

14 May

Another chapter of history was added when the British established the Fort St. George Chennai in the year of 1644 along the Bay of Bengal shores. Basically, it is known as White Town in Indian History but the current name has been derived from a personality who had noteworthy influence during that era and the birthday of this personality matched with the completion day of the structure. The huge built and the splendid architecture of the fort was simply appreciable. Being under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India, the fort holds a great dignity in the eyes of the tourists as well as local people. It was an official place for the East India Company, which focused on various economic and trade activities on the shores of the beach. This assisted the city of Madras in its development and growth.

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The fort is the combination of St. Mary’s Church and Fort Museum, which is divided in different sections. St. Mary’s Church is also a creation of the East India Company and ranks among the oldest churches of India built by British. The most fascinating structure of the building is the flagstaff, which is approximately 150 ft in height and is completely made of teakwood. We also went inside the museum, which showcases the artifacts and assortment of coins, paintings, medals, letters and several others belonged to the regal period. The most astonishing structure and masterpiece liked by me was the statue of Lord Cornwallis with a height of 14 feet. It was brought through ship from Britain to India. The structure boasts the scenic carve of Tipu Sultan with his two sons and officials of East India Company. The building serves as a significant base for the Indian Army.

Both the church and the museum are the symbol of peace and harmony, which is located inside the premises of Fort St. George Chennai. It was a pleasant journey of history, which inspired us with the era of bravery and sacrifice. It was late afternoon and we decided to plunge to our next destination as the sun was about to set.

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