Marina Beach Chennai Captures Many Hearts with Its Delighted Atmosphere

10 May

Beaches are the best places to unwind oneself and get connected to the onshore sound of the waves hitting the rigid rocks. The mystic blue waters of the Marina Beach Chennai are simply breathtaking and gratify a long time relaxing experience to the visitors. My kids are very much fond of sea beaches as they get chance to splash unlimited water and entertainment. My husband and I are equally fond of the same and so we always accompany our children to grab unlimited happiness from each and every moment of life. The golden sand encompassing the satin blue waters is rare to be seen. We unfurl ourselves to the rhythmic tunes of the sea waves. The mesmerizing atmosphere was a gift of tranquility endowed by the God Himself. People with cheerful gestures were moving around. With the circumference of 13 km, the beach ranks as the second longest beach in the world and it connects the St. George Fort with Mahabalipuram.

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach Chennai | Image Resource :

The sunrise and the sunset are equally said to be the best captivating moments. Palm trees are enclosing the beach and the calm breeze insists the tourists to take a relaxed walk on the shores. Horse riding is a fun activity over there and my kids were overjoyed to do the same. There is an aquarium in the vicinity, which consists of various splendid aquatic lives from the fresh waters of the Chennai, which is immensely gifted by the God to the beaches of Chennai. I was thrilled by the atmosphere and wanted to spend the whole day over there. We were delighted with the mouth-watering snacks beside the beach carrying south Indian delicacies and coconut water. The vendors were providing these snacks with great pleasure as they were too relaxed with the calm atmosphere of the beach.

Marina Beach at Night

Marina Beach at Night | Image Resource :

There are many other historical structures adjacent to the Marina Beach Chennai, which could be visited by us but our plan was meant for something else. Finally, we decided to leave the exotic place and the nearby structures for some other time if we get the chance. Now the turn was there of the fort located nearby and was famous for its awesome history.

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