Train Travel by Chennai Express from Hyderabad to Chennai – Preferable by Any Tourist for Its Best Services

05 May

Travelling by train is an ongoing ritual in my family as we love to do so whenever there is plan of holidaying. Hyderabad, my own home place, is a wonderful city and I have liked this place since I lived here. I love seeing places with my family, and whenever I get a chance, I liberally travel to almost every place outside Hyderabad. After a long search finally my husband got the tickets for four of us in Chennai Express during my kids’ vacation. And finally the day arrived when we had train travel by Chennai Express from Hyderabad (HYB) to Chennai Central (MAS).

Chennai Express is a well-furnished train with all the amenities for the passengers. I used to travel in this train number of times earlier. The train with its superfast services is succeeding in attracting swarms of tourists to prefer travelling in this train. It also covers the major destinations of southern India, which is also a supplemented advantage for anyone. It passes through Secunderabad Junction, Vishnupuram, Guntur Junction, Tenali Junction, Bapatla, Gudur Junction, Sullurupeta and several others. It is a trustworthy train, where people get the treasure of entertainment, different choices of eateries from the vendors, etc. Especially my kids enjoy a lot after collecting all these treasures. I was surprised by the services of canteen staff as in no time they served me with all the things from their kitchen whenever I required for my kids. The seat berths are broader and extremely comfortable. In every 3 to 4 hours, the interior of the coaches are cleaned up. The key feature of the train is that it runs on time and so we were very much relieved from the worries of reaching our destination station on time.

chennai express

Chennai Express | Image Resource :

Since we always prefer to travel in three-tier AC coaches, we did not have to carry extra luggage for bedding as we are provided with that inside the coach. Chennai Central arrived and our train travel by Chennai Express from Hyderabad (HYB) to Chennai (MAS) came to an end and search for a good hotel began with a hope of a memorable journey.

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