Eating problems in children

02 May

Life as a mother is not a cakewalk, especially when kids are growing. Today each kid is growing must faster than his/ her age, kids are figure conscious too for not only themselves but also how their parents look and present themselves.

Due to busy work schedule, kids being occupied by various activities apart from school at times it becomes difficult to have a balanced diet. In addition, kids tantrum when coming to eating food are excessively traumatic.  As well until they are full stomach, they refuse to eat any other meal. Like if, they had snacks so until hungry will not have dinner.

Healthy Food

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Never mind everything has a solution, and as parents, we need to be motivated, calm, positive and find ways to persuade our children to have right eating habits and healthy food. I would like to share few tips, which has helped me to ensure my children follow good eating habits and eat healthy along with their junk food, which is natural for any teen to eat.

  • Make a habit to have meals together in family. Keep the ambiance pleasant and cheerful. Talk with each other, sit together, and have breakfast/lunch/dinner. Those who are short on time ensure to have at least one meal together in a day.
  • This is most important, a child will take his own time to learn table manners so be patient especially father’s do not lose your Kool. Remind yourself even you were a kid.
  • When cooking for children, mothers/ caretakers/ grandmothers / fathers must make sure to keep the meal colourful and balanced. Do use a butter or ghee, as your child is growing they need it but in a limit.
  • Those children who literally avoid eating, parents must break meal into smallest quantity and give them each two hours. This can be nutritious snacks, fresh fruit pudding, whole- grain meals. You can combine with junk food and give. Like a nacho or Monaco biscuits topped with a Chana, onion, tomatoes, sprout mix with ting of cheese. Your child will eat happily.
  • Take due care when eating your child is not watching TV/ reading book/ pc.
  • Stop prompting your child’s reaction. If her/she refuses to eat, then be calm and leave them alone rather than pampering /punishing / listening to their unhealthy demands.
  • Inform your children in advance 15-20 mins beforehand so they are prepared for the meal.  Try to have a fix time so your child becomes disciplined as well.
  • Treat days, keep one day in a week a treating day were you and your children enjoy an outdoor meal or you making some of their favourite junkie. If having outside prefer a morning meal/brunch/afternoon try and avoid heavy dinner meals.
  • When your child insist to give, a particular snack / food give him if family mealtime is far. You can always manage the portion size.

Children enjoy happy meal, when family is together so as parents make time for them and build your children healthier and happier.

Healthy diet

Heathy Diet | Image Resource :

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