Bahubali, Kolhapur- The Sanctum Sanctorum of City

28 Apr

The Bahubali Hill temple is quite famous in Kolhapur and attracts large number of worshippers from all over the country. The temple is tucked up at a distance of 27 kilometers to the south of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I was excited and so were my kids because during the sixth day of our stay in Kolhapur, we were planning to visit the famous Bahubali temple. The temple has a splendid architecture and one of the unique art forms in the city, which is why my attraction towards it grew stronger. Having a keen interest in places having some religious impact, I was truly looking forward to visit the temple.

The distance of the Bahubali temple from main Kolhapur city is about 30 kilometers. We traveled in a bus called Kolhapur-Kavathesar which drove us to Hatkanaglad and from there we took an auto rickshaw which dropped us near the temple premises.

Bahubali Kumbhoj

Bahubali, Kolhapur | Image Resource :

This delightful temple has a grand entrance with the image of two elephants. While we entered into the temple we could notice the huge and majestic statue of Bahubali with an approximate height of 28-feet. We climbed some 400 steps to reach the temple and throughout the way we could feel the beautiful villages which sprung up in the vicinity.

The hills where the Bahubali temple is located is known as Kumbhoj hills. The historical significance of the place is also quite enchanting which drags back to 250 years. It is said that a resort was established 300 years back and sage Bahubali meditated there. Till the time Bahubali meditated in the resort, there were no animals who would cause harm to the people visiting the place. Bahubali was a renowned scholar and much acclaimed for the science of spells. After his death, the place became a holy place for several other saints like Shri Kamlakarji, saint Acharya, Shri Prabhachandraji etc.

The Bahubali temple is a worshipping place for Jain and the idol of Bahubali is established in such a way that visitors can have a glance from very far off places. Apart from the temple of Bahubali, there are several other pilgrim centers, resorts and schools around the temple complex which were built 100 years ago. I had a placid time in the temple and my kids liked it too.

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