Narsobawadi Temple, Kolhapur- The Ultimate Devotion Center

24 Apr

The most beautiful thing about the Kolhapur city is its rich cultural heritage and temples which are sprung in the locality and mark the sanctity of the city. One can notice enough number of temples in Kolhapur which are the major attracting centers of the city. I had already reached the seventh day of my stay in Kolhapur and so far I have had a wonderful time with my kids. On the last day I planned to make a visit to the Narsobawadi temple which is known to be the finest pilgrim center of the Kolhapur.

The distance of the temple from the main city Kolhapur is about 45 kilometers, and just like the previous day, we took a bus first and then made an auto to reach Narsobawadi. The place seems quite sacred and gives a feeling of warmth in its atmosphere. The confluence of River Krishna and Panchganga makes the place more enticing and worth visiting.

Narsobawadi Temple
Narsobawadi Temple
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This region flourished long ago in Kolhapur when Shri Dattaguru and Shri Nrusinha Saraswati stayed here for 12 long years. After they left, the Swayambhu Paduka of Shri Dattaguru are worshipped daily with great pomp and show. The specialty of the temple is the Odumber trees which are found almost everywhere. The paduka of Shree Guru is set near the Odumber tree which faces the Krishna River. A small sanctuary called Gabhara is also present there where people can sit and worship. There are different images that one would find in the temple like Ganeshpati, Jay-Vijay and Nrusinghanath Saraswati, all carved out of metal. There is alarge circular shaped pandal in the temple premise where people can sit for long hours to enjoy the cool wind and sanctity of the temple.

People visiting the sanctum sanctorum make pradakshana of the temple which means taking rounds through the perimeter of the temple. Pradakshna increases the value of your prayers and therefore we made 108 pradakshanas of the temple in bare foot.

narsobawadi temple kolhapur
Narsobawadi Temple Kolhapur
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There is a small town amidst which the temple is located. The town marks a special significance as the presence of temple in its vicinity increases its charm. The temple is surrounded by number of food joints and people selling nuts and snacks. We munched in some quick snacks through our journey.

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