Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum, Kolhapur- The Lively Repository of the Village Life

17 Apr

Museums are the only medium through which tour past can be preserved. I have a great zeal in exploring the lifestyle and habits of our ancestors. Each state’s history can be found alive in their state museums. Certain places do preserve the memories of the local areas and Siddhagiri Gramjivan is one such museum in Kolhapur that brings out the live forms of culture that was seen in the villages some thousands of years ago.

kanheri math

Kanheri Math | Image Resource :

village well

Village Well | Image Resource :

As it was the fourth day of my stay in Kolhapur and I had already visited two temples and one wildlife sanctuary, I was keen in visiting a museum. I decided to take my children to the museum where they could learn about the lifestyles of the people in rural areas. Staying in Hyderabad, it is quite difficult to make children learn about the rural cultures and lifestyles of their ancestors. Since I was in Kolhapur and the museum was in the cards of my visiting list, I decided to go for a visit to Siddhagiri Gramajivan museum just for the sake of my children and of course for my own desires.

siddhagiri gramjivan museum
Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum
| Image Resource :

The museum is tucked up at a very calm and lonely place where there some good collection of flora and fauna. One can also find a temple of Lord Shiva in the vicinity of the museum. The museum is depicted as a form of project which indicates the lifestyle of rural India. In the project, the entire village has been signified as a single joint family which is living life in a quite a nonchalant yet lively manner. There are 80 major scenes depicted by 300 statues where an unique combination of expressions, liveliness and accuracy can be seen. There is no bitter feeling or any rivalry among any fellow villager and there is good quality of food, agriculture, healthy relationships, optimum use of natural resources, cattle field, satisfaction of job indicating that life is quite smooth and simple. We can see all these while peeping through the lifestyle of the people in the displayed project.

the village deity
The Village Deity
| Image Resource :

The Maharashtrians were invaded by Mughals long back and the life of people before the invasion of Mughals has been clearly depicted through the museum.

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