Panchganga River, Kolhapur- The Confluence of Holy Rivers of India

13 Apr

I had come to Kolhapur to visit different places of the place and try out several cuisines. Throughout my trip, my children accompanied me. We had a good time munching street foods and gorging on authentic Marathi foods indifferent food joints. It was the fifth day of my stay in Kolhapur and I had already visited so many good places with my children. The Panchganga River is said to be flowing through the Kolhapur city making it pious and sanctimonious than never before. The river flows through the demarcation line of the Kolhapur city. I had already researched about the river and its surrounding that it was a really calm and placid place to enjoy some quality time with the hint of spirituality. Therefore I planned for a visit to the Panchganga River on the very day.

Panchganga River Kolhapur

Panchganga River | Image Resource :

There are apparently four streams of rivers that form the Panchganga River. The Kesari, the Kumbhi, the Bhagwati and the Tulsi are known to be the five holy rivers which form the Panchganga. However, Hindu mythology also says that there is the Saraswati River flowing beneath the bed of the earth which is not visible to anyone, hence the name “Panchganga”.

The valley of the river Panchganga is considered to be the most fertile and therefore cultivation of hay is done here. Cold weather bears good grains in the banks of the rivers. Sugarcane cultivation is also done near the valley as the water is considered perfect for the survival of canes.

The Kesari River stretches from the Sahyadris near the Gajapur village and keeps flowing till 30 more miles to join with River Kumbhi.The Kumbhi River flows in the north-east direction and stretches up to fifteen miles. The Bhagwati River is considered to be the most important among all five as it covers a large area of land across different states. The Tulsi River forms a relatively small tributary in the congregation of all five rivers.

The Prayag Sangam is known to be the confluence point of river Bhagwati and Kesari and it holds a great spiritual significance. This place is also visited by large numbers of people and pilgrims throughout the year.

 Sunset at Kolhapur

Sunset at Kolhapur | Image Resource :

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