Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kolhapur – Experience the Vast Flora and Fauna

31 Mar

I am an avid wildlife follower and so are my children. Whenever they are at home, they turn wildlife channels instead of cartoon show. And this is the reason why they always want to delve deep into knowing more about the forests and wildlife sanctuaries of India.

It was the third day of my stay in Kolhapur and my children wanted to visit a zoo. So I didn’t want to turn down their wish. I decided to visit a wildlife sanctuary instead. So I planned and hired a taxi which drove us to the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary of Kolhapur. The wildlife sanctuary is located near Shahu Sagar and Laxmi Sagar districts of Kolhapur. There are major reservoirs in the area and the sanctuary is located near the catchments of these. The entire length of the sanctuary sprawls across an area of approximately 350 square kilometers.

There are tremendous number of flora and fauna one would find during the visit. Majorly three different kinds of forests are seen in the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary, viz; Southern evergreen forest, Southern moist mixed deciduous forest and Southern semi evergreen forest. The different types of vegetation that are commonly seen in the sanctuary are gela, bamboo, shikakai, garambi, karvand, amba, kumbha, umbar, chandala, narkya, dhayati, tamalpati etc. which are known for having exceptional medicinal properties.

Golden Backed Woodpecker

Golden Backed Woodpecker | Image Resource :

Among the fauna, one can see different species of birds and animals in the forest like sneopard, bear, wild boar, sloth bear, tiger,cheetah, wolf, mouse deer, barking deer, wild dogs etc. Several species of birds like vultures, eagles, quails, woodpeckers, flycatchers, bulbul, mynah, dove, owlets, kingfishers, pipers etc are also found here.

Deer, Tiger & Sloth Beer

Deer, Tiger & Sloth Beer | Image Resource :,,

This place is often accumulated by visitors from outside Kolhapur. School children and students come here for small excursions. Botanical project are also done by school and college students. The bio diversity available in this sanctuary is immense. One cannot remember the names of different species of animals and birds found here. Moreover this place also resembles to a recreational center where time can be spent with family. The sanctuary is a complete home-stay for different species and also one of those places where a natural habitat can be provided to the endangered species. I had a good time in the Radhanagari forest and so had my children.

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