Train Travel by Hyb Kop Express from Hyderabd to Kolhapur

24 Mar

Being a busy homemaker, it is often not easy for me to make out time from the tight schedule. But being a travel enthusiast, I always try to live out every moment of my life in the most active possible way. It was the onset of spring when I decided to make a trip to Kolhapur with my two lovely kids in Hyb Kop Express. The train runs between Hyderabad and Kolhapur by covering majority of junctions. It was not my first visit to Maharashtra, as I had already visited cities like Pune and Mumbai before. However it was my first trip to Kolhapur which made me super excited. Moreover this trip was expected to be a better one as my two lovely kids were also traveling with me. So after much discussion with my husband, I started my journey to Kolhapur on a Saturday night.

Hyb Kop Express

Hyb Kop Express | Image Resource :

The train started from Hyderabad which arrived at the Hyderabad Deccan station at 11:10 p.m. in the night. I packed my stuffs and got inside the train with kids and we settled ourselves for the night. We were traveling in the second tier air-conditioned class and it was much convenient. I was thoroughly enjoying my time with music and magazines which I had already carried from home to get rid of boredom. The next morning was Sunday and we had to spend the entire day and evening in the train as well. However being inside the train was refreshing and all the required materials like sheets, pillows and blankets were provided to us.

The journey was duration of approximately 24 hours which meant an entire day. The Hyd Kop express ends at Kolhapur in the C Shahumaharaj T station 10:40 p.m. in the night and we reached in the Sunday night at Kolhapur. The total distance covered by us was approximately 1000 kilometers. It was a very long journey but our time in the train did pass much quickly as the journey was smooth and the train provided everything which one would need while traveling.

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