Simple & Useful Tips for Travelling with Children

21 Mar

If there was supposed to be an award for being the perfect homemaker, an ideal mom and a passionate traveller — I think I would bag them all! This is because; I have been juggling random things at once, for a long time now.

Nevertheless, of all, I find being a mom — of two hyperactive toddlers — a lot tougher and more challenging. Not bragging, but still I think I have it in me and I can handle it all with equal finesse.

Like for instance, the last time we were on our seasonal family trip to the vibrant state of Rajasthan, all my parenting skills came to the fore! Moreover, it was indeed special.

Travelling With Childrens

Travelling With Childrens | Image Resource :

Starting with the journey. Well, we had booked train as our mode of travel and would have regretted it if not for following some simple tips for travelling with children! If you wish it to be exciting for the both of you, make sure you-

  • Keep your children busy with the number of stops or names of stations.
  • Indulge them in sightseeing, if possible, choose window seat for them and let your little ones enjoy it!
  • Look for other buses, trains, birds, or animals. Turn it into a game, like for instance, “who is the first one to spot the pigeon” etc.
  • Give them the camera or binoculars and encourage them to focus on things of their interests.
  • Keep talking with them about ways to sit safely on bus/train.
  • Ask your children to create and narrate to you a story about things they observe while travelling.
  • Keep them busy with handheld games, puzzles, tiny colouring books, stickers, word-searchers and so on.
  • Watch out for familiar things that suggest you are nearly home.

Travelling with kids can be a lot easier and fun, if some small things are taken note of. Whenever I travel with my little ones, I make sure to keep them busy with various activities so that they do not get bored and lose the interest of travelling.

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