Karanji Lake Mysore – Serene and Calm Place

17 Mar

The visit to Chamundi Hills Mysore, a perfect destination hilltop that beautified nature, left a special attraction for the pilgrim visitors. Yes, I agree the place was amazing but the magnitude of important activities that my children looked for was beyond imaginations after visiting the Karanji Lake Mysore. Also known as Karanjikere, it was a part of the Mysore zoo and had a beautiful park and a sprawling water body in the nearby region. I could also see that the museum we had visited was very close to the lake. The walk through aviary in the park was one of the largest aviaries in India. It stood on an area of 90 hectares with the water spread over around 55 hectares.

The remaining area was covered by the foreshore. It was owned by the authority of the Mysore zoo and earned revenue of nearly Rs.50000 each day due to the enthusiasts visiting the lake. I entered the place with my kids after paying the entry fees of Rs.10 and additional Rs.10 as the camera fee. I looked at the bulletin board and found out that the lake remained open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

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The kids were quite excited and I found the glitter in their eyes on seeing different migratory and local birds. Beside daters, lake ducklings, spoonbills, and painted storks, we could see the massive collection of tall trees. The Karanji Lake Mysore was a great haunt for different kinds of birds such as egrets and herons migrating from other countries. However, a large portion of the lake was destroyed due to the sewage coming from the residential areas located nearby. The pollution had disturbed the aquatic life completely and depleted the source of foods completely. It was due to these reasons that many migratory birds refrained themselves from visiting the lake. The place even provided a facility for dining with families, but one had to bring packet food and follow etiquettes of the park. The park had a coffee booth as well. It was the last destination of our trip and we were happy that we carried the rich experience of our Mysore visit along with us.

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