The Regional Museum of Natural History Mysore

13 Mar

Our next destination was the Regional Museum of Natural History Mysore, which is an educational center providing relevant information with regard to awareness of the environment and nature. It exhibited the remains of different kinds of animals, plants and the geography of South India. The museum, located on the bank of Karanji Lake, was opened in 1995 on the 20th of May. It was added as one more landmark of the city with a historical background. The museum was established with many objectives in mind. It aimed at teaching environmental awareness to the masses and helping the students who studied subjects related to the environment in their activities.

Regional Museum Of Natural History Mysore

Regional Museum Of Natural History Mysore | Image Resource :

Other than these, it also depicted the eco-friendly relationship of plants and animals. We learnt that the Indian government undertook the museum under the supervision of the forests and environment ministry. We found many galleries emphasized on protecting nature. Even visually challenged people could feel the things exhibited in the premises. I found some children from a school, who visited the museum as a part of extracurricular activities.

3-D Model Regional Museum Of Natural History Mysore

3-D Model Regional Museum Of Natural History Mysore | Image Resource :

We went through the different galleries of the museum divided into different sections, which dealt with Life through the Ages, Conservation of natural resources, Biological Diversity, Future galleries on Ecology, Intangible Natural Heritage, etc. The museum also had a Discovery Room and Bioscience Computer Room. The Discovery Room was provided with the opportunity for the children to study, handle and examine the specimen by participating in the activities. The small children were provided with the toys and puzzles, which kept them fascinated and engrossed in different kinds of creative activities. It was a fun-loving way to learn.

Moreover, the Regional Museum of Natural History Mysore was completely tidy and well-maintained. It reflected a good reputation of the center and attracted many tourists. It was the ideal place for students as they could easily explore different kinds of things, which would help them to have a sound knowledge of the rich Indian history. I was seriously impressed by the value and beauty of the museum but had to move to the Chamundi Hills, which was nearby.

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