Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore – Famous for Migratory Birds

06 Mar

After spending quality moments in the Mysore Palace, we had an amazing experience of the Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore. It was located nearby and had a very blissful environment with birds chirping and the soothing rhythmic sound of the lake water, which was as soft as instrumental music. The experience was heart-touching with restful mind and I enjoyed kids playing joyfully in their own world. We could see and feel the reflection of our childhood in them.

Kukkarahalli Lake

Kukkarahalli Lake | Image Resource :

Traveling to that lake was one of the best activities that we did last year. I was surprised to know that the lake was a dotted place for the migratory birds that came there from different parts of the world. It was the main reason why we could hear such sweet sounds of the birds all the time. We could also see a large number of bird watchers who got attracted to the huge variety of bird population in the lake. The lake was located in the campus of Mysore University named as Manasa Gangothri and so we could see many scholars and students sitting over the lake side reading their books. We could see that there was a facility for playing various water sports. One could also select the boating activities, which was a good pick for spending time peacefully. The good thing about the lake was that it was well connected with the railway station as well as the airport of Mysore.

Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore

Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore | Image Resource :

We saw many local families, who had come to play with their kids and relax on the grassy land near the Kukkarahalli Lake Mysore. It was the place where people of any age could visit and enjoy the opportunity of watching innumerable varieties of birds. We knew that many other famous tourist spots were located nearby, which included Brindavan Garden, Chamundi Hills, Mysore Palace, Krishna Raja Sagara. I was happy that I had already visited some of them. After a great day we had our dinner in a good restaurant. We ate different kinds of food items, which had a unique taste of their own. We returned to our hotel in the evening to take some rest so that we can continue our sightseeing trip the next day.

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