The Magnificent Mysore Zoo

03 Mar

The first place in our itinerary was Mysore zoo and it was located very near to our hotel and so the kids wanted to visit the zoo on that very day. Since we had been to the Hyderabad zoo many times, my husband and I thought that it wasn’t a good idea. But the kids were determined and they would force us to visit the zoo at any cost. In order to keep them happy we decided to give a visit there. I thought that it would be like the other zoos that we had visited till that day. But I was wrong, we had a completely different time at the zoo and the kids simply loved it.

Mysore Zoo Entrance

Mysore Zoo Entrance | Image Resource :

We learned a lot about the zoo after visiting there. The zoo covered an area of 245 acre land and it was known as the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. The zoo was one of the oldest zoos of Southern India and was a home for a wide range of species. It was established in 1892, which made it one of the most popular zoos in those times. The Mysore zoo had been a success ever since it was opened for the public in the year of 1902. The zoo was handed over to the forest department in 1972. It was then entrusted to the Zoo authority of Karnataka, which was the first autonomous organisation to manage a zoo authority in India.

The zoo had a wide range of species, food stalls and gift shops. It was then the home of 10 elephants. It also had five green anacondas, which were gifted by the Colombo zoo. Besides that the zoo had tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, and different species of birds, white rhinoceros and baboons. The zoo was filled with people who were enjoying the sight of different animals. I was extremely thankful to my kids that because of them I could get to witness one of the oldest zoos in the globe. The experience was fantastic and my kids enjoyed it to the fullest as they were always excited when we visited a zoo. If people visiting Mysore do not visit the Mysore zoo, they would surely miss out many things.

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