Our Experience at the Chamundi Hills Mysore

24 Feb

I was restless on the idea of traveling and seeking solace from nature with my two little kids. Besides traveling I love exploring eateries for local cuisines. I was sure that our visit at the Chamundi Hills Mysore was going to be extremely thrilling. It was located in the southern part of India next to the Palace city of Mysore and stood as one of the eight most holy hills in that part. I knew that it had an average height of 1000 meters. It had a proper timing for tourists to enter and we had visited accordingly. I came to know that the kings of Mysore came for decorating the ceremonial elephant at the time of Dasara festivals in the earlier days.

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills | Image Resource :

Temple Of Chamundeshwari At Chamunda Hills

Temple Of Chamundeshwari At Chamunda Hills | Image Resource :

I was impatiently holding onto myself because the very idea of visiting the beautiful hills was amazing. There was a temple where the idol of Goddess Chamundi was taken on an elephant. The Goddess was the incarnation of Goddess Parvati or Durga. I had done my homework before arriving at Mysore and knew that we could easily reach the hills through any mode of transportation. The main hill of Chamundi had a very long stairway made of stone, which led to its top. We came to know that the ancient stairway consisted of 1008 steps out of which the first 600 steps were much steeper. According to history, the direction of the creation of the steps was directed by a local resident in the year 1664. He had installed the famous statue as well. We came to know that while moving to the highest point of the hill, one could view the Nandi bull. Nandi was none other than Lord Shiva’s vahana or vehicle.

Nandi At Chamundi Hills

Nandi At Chamundi Hills | Image Resource :

At The Entrance Chamundi Hills

At The Entrance Chamundi Hills | Image Resource :

Though the journey of climbing the summit by step had driven my energy level to zero, my body and mind felt instantly rejuvenated seeing the scenic beauty of the place. It was simply breathtaking and it of course, made the place a must-visit for both nature lover and pilgrim. The Chamundi hills Mysore was close to the Rajendra villas, which were a sign of former families of the royals but served as a hotel at that time.

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