Srikanteshwara Temple Nanjangud Mysore and It’s Captivating Festivals

20 Feb

The next morning, we began our journey quite early as we had to cover many places. Nanjangud, also known as Varanasi of South, was famous as one of the ancient Hindu pilgrimage centers and the Srikanteshwar Temple there was the most attractive place for the devotees. The history behind the temple was very interesting and made devotees from different parts of India to come and fulfill their wishes with the blessings of the Nanjangudeshwar. The word Nanjan in English means poison and Nanjangudeshwar means the God who drank poison obtained at the time of the blend of the Milk Ocean. This story was narrated by the ‘Pandit’ of the Srikanteshwara Temple Nanjangud Mysore when we reached there to worship Lord Shiva. Being a resident of Hyderabad, we got many opportunities to visit our nearby south tourist places. The southern part of India was famous for its tourism and was covered with a lot of pilgrimages, lakes, and hill stations.

Srikanteshwara Temple Nanjangud Mysore

Srikanteshwara Temple Nanjangud Mysore | Image Resource :

After having a sacred bath in the Kapila River, we entered the temple and offered all the worship rituals to the idol of Lord Shiva. We also offered prayer in the temple of Sri Parvathidevi, Navagrahah, Sri Satyanarayan Swamy, Nadi Bul, etc. We could see that the temple had a huge crowd of devotees since it was a festive month of ‘Karthika’. Many had come to represent their offerings to Lord Shiva.

There were festivals called “Dodda Jaathre” and “Chikka Jaathre” where five chariots called “Ratha beedi” was pulled in the old town by thousands of devotees from all over India. We too were present at the time of “Dodda Jaathre” and were overwhelmed by seeing the ‘Rathotsav ‘and the excited and cheerful faces of the people. The architecture behind the construction of the Srikanteshwara Temple Nanjangud Mysore was amazing. They were all drowned in the devotion of Lord Shiva and their enthusiasm was incredible. It was a lifetime experience for all of us as we were thinking of India that is so much known for its popularity in terms of pilgrimage. India was truly a land of temples and the birth place of legends. The country was full of temples, which drew plenty of tourists from different parts of the world.

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