Chapan Bhoga Sweet – Arisa Pitha

10 Feb

I love experimenting and trying new dishes when it comes to food. Recently, my kids and husband had tasted Arisa Pitha during our visit to the Jagannath Temple. They loved this so much that till date keeping mentioning about it as well would love to eat it all again. Therefore, finally I decided to give them a small surprise by making this sweet for dinner.

Small insight Arisa Pitha is an Oriya dish, which is also called sweet pancake and part of a Chapan Bhoga of Jagannath Temple at Puri.

Coming back to cooking! The ingredients required – Ensure you keep all handy so it is easy for you while cooking.

List of Materials

  • 500gm of rice
  • 100gm jaggery – can use sugar also
  • Ghee / oil for frying

Preparing the sweet syrup (Sugar / Jaggery)                                                                                       Take 200 ml of water, Pour it into a non- stick based frying pan , put the sugar granules or jaggery pieces into the pan, let it boil, once you get a good boil then immediately break the granules and mix them well until a syrup is formed. The syrup must be semi- liquid (like a thick caramel   liquid).

Kneading the Dough
Now, take the syrup into a pan and keep for heating, then as it is heated add the rice flour to it, mix it until it becomes a dough, and leave it for cooling down.

Preparing Arisa Pitha
Start, with making small balls of the ready dough, and then make those balls it into a small Puri shape and size. Kindly note that the Puri is as thick as a kachori dough. Once, ready fry them in hot Ghee/ Oil. Remove it from the oil/ghee until golden brown.

Arisa Pitha

Arisa Pitha | Image Resource :

Arushi’s Nuska (Tip): Take a greasy plastic sheet while keeping Puri, this will save your dough from sticking as well it is easy to roll up. Also can decorate with pista’s or fresh rose petals to give it a rich and royal look as your family prefers.

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