Konark Sun Temple Odisha – Creative Masterpiece of All Times

28 Jan

Each day in Bhubaneswar brought a new aspect of the city. With each place we visited, we liked the place more and more. This city was flooded with extraordinary work of art and structure. With declaration of our next destination of Konark sun temple, our kids renamed Bhubaneswar as a “temple city”, as it is sometimes called. My younger kid exclaimed that it was easier to spell as well…kids find their way…isn’t it!

However, I was happy with the fact that the children, who disliked history in books, were now enjoying it thoroughly. All thanks to the beautiful architecture of the historical monuments of Bhubaneswar. We left the hotel a bit early as the Konark sun temple was at a distance of around 65 kilometers. We packed some eateries for our visit – it’s more of a necessity while travelling with kids. Our cab was gearing towards the famous sun temple.

Konark Sun Temple Front View

Konark Sun Temple Front View | Image Resource :

Konark Sun Temple Odisha

Konark Sun Temple Odisha | Image Resource :

At Konark Sun Temple Odisha

At Konark Sun Temple Odisha | Image Resource :

Konark temple is one of the most spectacular monuments holding a remarkable religious importance. It is considered as a masterpiece of architecture. The name of this temple is actually combination of two words- Kona meaning corner and Arka means the Sun. On combining this means God Sun worshipped in Ark Kshetra. Though this massive structure was in ruins due to lack of maintenance and was surrounded by constantly drifting sand, it was said to be located 2 kilometers away from the sea and we could witness ocean water coming up to its base. In its ruined state too, this temple’s beauty was breathtaking.

Chariot Wheel Of Konark Temple Orissa

Chariot Wheel Of Konark Temple Orissa | Image Resource :

Panel At The Konark Sun Temple

Panel At The Konark Sun Temple | Image Resource :

The temple was built in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva and is designed in the shape of an enormous chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels, carrying the God Sun, across heavens. Children were amazed to see the beautiful architecture and were constantly asking questions “Mom, why this temple is in such a demolishing state?” “Why it is not maintained?” On one side, I was proud of such rich heritage of our country while on the other side; it was painful to see our historical monuments turning into ruins.

We acknowledged the artwork and creativity of the then emperor for long. And then, we were called to return to our hotel as evening was unfolding and we had a long way to go.

Konark Temple Panoramatic View

Konark Temple Panoramatic View | Image Resource :


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